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Prompt-It iPhone Teleprompter: Squint Real Hard for Your News

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 26, 2010

It seems as if every day, somebody comes up with a new way of using your iPhone. The latest unconventional use for the iPhone? Teleprompter.


The Prompt-it kit lets you set up your iPhone as a mini-teleprompter, so you can read your lines, while still looking squarely at the camera. They suggest that it’s good for reading a speech when you’re on your laptop’s webcam, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t just put the lines up on your laptop’s screen if that’s your use case.

While the idea seems kind of cool, I question whether or not it’s practical to read the type on the iPhone’s small screen from more than a couple of feet away. Hopefully, they’re working on an iPad version, which could be much more useful for broadcast or lecture applications.

If you can come up with a practical use for the iPhone version of the Prompt-it, head on over to their website, where they sell the kit for $149 Australian Dollars (appx. $130 USD).

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