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Pivot Power Crams in All Your Power Adapters, No Matter the Size

 |  |  |  |  |  June 29, 2010

The latest item to hit the prospective shelves of product crowdsourcer Quirky, the Pivot Power helps you fit all of those weirdly-shaped power bricks into their outlets without the jigsaw-puzzle challenge posed by conventional power strips.


The Pivot Power strip features a unique flexible outlet system, in which each individual outlet can be rotated to maximize space for adapters.


This simple, yet ingenious little invention still needs some more orders before it’s actually produced, so head on over to Quirky, and plunk down your pre-sale commitment for $23. If they hit their 960 order goal, they’ll move forward and make ’em. If not, you’ll be stuck with your crappy old power strip, and we wouldn’t want that.