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Stamp.Y Stamps Your Photos on Stuff Because Rubber Stamps Are Cool… Right?

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 29, 2010

I was taking some pictures just the other day and thought to myself it would really rock if I could just stamp these photos all over stuff. I always thought the Polaroid instant camera my grandma had should really just give you a monotone red, smudgy, ink stamp.

Created by Jinhee Kim, this thing is called Stamp.y and it’s clearly a concept – and a strange one at that. You would use the special Stamp.y-enabled camera to snap a picture of someone and then the camera would turn that into a digital pixel stamp. Exactly why you would want your digital pictures to be a stamp escapes me right now. Kids would like it though and you could totally stamp a pic of some really gross hairy dude on someone as a prank, which would honestly get my to buy this thing no questions asked if it were real.


Ol’ Stamp.y even has a handle like a normal stamp to let you stamp with a better grip. Important things like exactly how the picture is turned into something you can ink is unknown. Strange concept, but it might be fun.

[via Yanko Design]