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Pressure Sensitive Drawing on iPad a Possibility

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 3, 2010

While nobody at Apple intended for the screen of the iPad to support pressure-sensitivity, there’s a demo video floating around showing off a proof-of-concept for this truly artistic usage of the iPad’s multi-touch screen.


You can really imagine all of the cool drawing programs you could create if you could detect the pressure applied with a stylus, and the guys at Ten One Design have figured out a way to do this, even though it’s not officially supported by Apple.

And therein lies the rub… Since they had to build a private function call to make this work, it’s not something they can make available in the App Store. Ten One hopes Apple will see what they’ve done and roll the capability into the UIKit framework, but for now we’ll just have to admire their programming prowess from afar.

Apple, please check out what Ten One has achieved, and roll it into UIKit so we can all enjoy it! Thanks.