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Ben Heck Wants You… to Submit a Project Idea

 |  |  |  |  |  July 6, 2010

Do you love the creations of real-life Forge Benjamin “Ben Heck” Heckendorn? Do you have an idea for a cool gizmo? Then pass on your idea to Ben Heck, and if he deems it worthy, he will create it! What’s more, if you actually need the gadget you requested, Ben Heck will let you keep it. Neat huh?

bring it on ben heck pic

But before you rummage through your sketches and doodles, know that Ben Heck does have some rules for his contest. First of all, he won’t build bombs, so if you’re a terrorist, sorry, and also please don’t drop by our blog again. Okay Ben Heck didn’t actually say that but I bet it’s an unspoken rule of his. His real first rule is: the cost of the parts must not exceed $500 (USD). Second, he will prioritize projects of the following nature: “Useful household items / stuff that needs inventing. Projects to help those in need, such as videogame controllers for the disabled or other accessibility items. Weird stuff that I don’t usually work with (interesting challenges).”

On the other hand, Ben Heck will not entertain projects that are similar to what he’s done in the past – forget about owning an Xbox 360 +Kinect laptop. He also won’t touch mod chips or do software hacks, and he won’t create what he calls all-in-one systems, “such as a PS3 mixed with a Wii.” I presume those three rules just rendered most of your ideas invalid. But that only means you’re free to think of new ideas. When you’ve got a good one, go to Ben Heck’s project submission page and pray to the machine gods that your wish will be granted.

[via Ben Heck’s blog]