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Tiny Flying Spy Robots: That’S All We Need Now

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 7, 2010

If you are worried about  all those security cameras that are popping up everywhere, and Big Brother watching you, well maybe you should just leave now and ignore this piece of news. Mirko Kovac from the EPFL has developed a bunch of micro air vehicles which can latch onto walls, and yes, they have cameras.

robot spy cam flying big brother

These are basically tiny flying spy cams that can attach to walls, climb them, and even hang onto concrete. Each one weighs a feather-light 4.6 grams and Mirko says that these robots would work best in swarms, which is a bad idea in my opinion. Hopefully they’ll never have distributed intelligence and become aware. Then, we’d have a smart swarm ready to take over Earth and watch our every move.

Joking aside, these robots could aid in a variety of situations, from searching through rubble for survivors and aiding rescuers in disaster areas to military reconnaissance. Or they could just watch everyone doing everything, then post it to a massive searchable social video site. Now that sounds more like it.

[via DVice]