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Toilet Go-Kart: Outboard Outhouse

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 8, 2010

See Dave. See Dave smile. See Dave ride his toilet cart. See Dave become the envy of geeks everywhere. Dave took a stripped down go-kart and turned it into something special – something that the Shriners with their fancy little hats and their little go-karts would be jealous of at the next parade.

Dave took that go-kart frame and replaced the standard seats with a couple retasked toilets. He removed the tanks off the toilet because driving around leaning on the tank of a toilet would just be gross. The seatbacks are instead made from a couple of coolers.

You know what that means, right? You can sit on this thing, watch the game, take a dump, drink a beer, and never have to actually walk anywhere. All this thing needs is a grill for cooking a steak and a topless nymphomaniac on the toilet next to you and man’s purpose on Earth would be complete. Pure genius Dave – you are my hero.

[via Jalopnik]