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Metal Detector Wielding Brit Finds $1-Million in Roman Coins

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 12, 2010

I tried my hand at metal detection when I was a kid. I quickly gave up after all I found were beer bottle tops, tin cans, and eyeglasses. I had hoped to find something awesome like pirate treasure or that Star Wars lunchbox I buried in the backyard with my Luke Skywalker action figure in it. Stupid time capsule.

I never had luck finding cool stuff, but a dude in south-west England has found serious treasure with his metal detector. The guy was detecting in the field and ended up finding a pot filled with over 52,000 Roman coins that had been buried since AD253 to AD293.The mass of coins are Roman era and are estimated to be worth about a million bucks today. The finder says he will have to split the treasure with the guy who owns the field. If Brits are anything like Americans, a suit will break out soon as one of them attempts to get the whole treasure.

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