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Ihome iPad Dock Alarm Clock Seems Like Overkill

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 19, 2010

Now I’ve got an iPad, and I really enjoy it. I can even imagine bringing it into bed to read a book or play a game on occasion. And while I’d love to have a place to charge my iPad by my bedside table, the idea of an alarm clock dock for the iPad seems a little silly. But that’s what iHome has decided to give us in their new iA100ZE iPad Dock clock radio.


The dock can be set to sleep or wake with your iPad, iPhone or iPod, and of course you can listen to music through its stereo speakers too. It’s also got Bluetooth so you can play your music wirelessly from across the room. The dock lets you use the screen of your iPad for custom alarms, and alerts for weather, news, stocks, etc. There’s also a handy (and free) iHome+Sleep app which lets you view social network updates, and track your sleep patterns.

I suppose that’s all fine and good – until the display turns on and wakes up everyone in the room. After all, turning on the screen of the iPad is like turning on a lightbulb in a fully-darkened room. But I suppose as long as it’s used as an alarm, that’s probably okay. But if you get email updates or meeting reminders in the middle of the night, that could suck.

If you’re into the idea of a bedside iPad dock, you can find out more about the iA100ZE over at iHome.

[via Chip Chick]