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130-Pound Hollowed Out Tree Trunk iPod Speaker: Neat but Heavy

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Written by Range | July 19, 2010

I don’t really know why you would use a 130-pound log as an iPod speaker, but I guess the contrast that this creates between the high-tech looks of the iPod and the rough and rugged looks of the log are kind of cool.

itree kmkg tree ipod speaker natural accoustic

Naturally, it’s called the iTree, and was created by the Austrian design studio KMKG. They hollowed out the middle of the log, turning the inside of it into an acoustic chamber to help improve frequency response.

Customers can choose what kind of wood they want and the length they desire. I’m pretty sure that this will cost a bunch of money if you want one. Honestly, even though it looks interesting, I’d rather have something a little more portable.

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