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Mamemo Digital Notepad Perfect for Jotting Down Random Notes

 |  |  |  |  |  July 22, 2010

Here’s a handy little gadget you might want to set on your desktop. The Mamemo digital notepad is sort of like an electronic replacement for Post-it sticky notes.


The compact box is about the size of a small calculator, and features an LCD screen onto which you can take notes using a stylus. It’s also got a few handy features like an alarm clock and a calculator, so it can replace those items as well. The battery-powered device can hold up to 99 handwritten notes – although it doesn’t have static memory, so get ready to lose all your data when you run out of juice.

Sure, you can do all of the same things with your computer, smartphone or tablet, (or pen and paper) but this is an interestinge single-purpose alternative, and could be good for non-technical users as well.

Normally available only in Japan, the guys over at Japan Trend Shop have been kind enough to ship them worldwide. Unfortunately, the exported version is quite pricey, selling for $98 (USD), plus another $26 for shipping. On second thought, maybe I will stick to Post-it notes. I could buy a lifetime supply for that much.