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Syte Shirt Clothes You and Your iPad

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 23, 2010

Hey there iPad user, have you ever wished you could carry your iPad with you when you’re buying groceries? Do you also run a pizza shop and wish that your delivery personnel could carry an iPad on their chest so that it can display “Hot Pizza” when the customer receives their order? Do you want to own a shirt that’s bound to get ripped off of your body by thieves? Boy, have we got the product for you!

syte shirt ipad 1

It’s called the Syte Shirt! What on earth kind of name is that? Why not the iShirt? Who knows, what’s important is that it has a compartment for the iPad up front. Imagine yourself doing these things!

Yep, neither can we. People will buy this shirt because it’s silly and it’s funny to wear every now and then, not because it’s practical. In what situation would it be absolutely necessary for you to bring your iPad with you while you’re shopping? Can’t you just place it inside a bag? And wouldn’t it be simpler to have your pizza delivery men wear a shirt with “Hot Pizza” printed on them? I’m just saying, those pictures are not making a good case for the shirt. Still, as I said, you can get one for kicks – if you can stomach the price, that is. Syte shirts are for sale at its official website for $50 (USD); if you want an XXL-sized shirt, you’ll have to pay an extra $5.

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