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Ugly Pokemon Sculpture: Wanna Punch ‘Em All

 |  |  |  |  |  August 6, 2010

deviantART member EatToast made a series of Pokémon sculptures for this year’s Otakon. She calls them Ugly Pokémon, because they are ugly Pokémon. I mean, if I was Ash and I had to catch these…these things, I’d rather use my bare fists and fight the monsters myself than keep some as companions. Actually no, I’d quit the adventure altogether and come home to my mom. The mother in Pokémon is always so eager to see her child.

ugly pokemon by eattoast

Look at Chickorteetha. It’s practically daring you to feed it an uppercut.

ugly pokemon by eattoast 2

Ew is probably the best. The best of the worst, that is. Perfect name for it’s face. I’m fine with Larvitard though. It just looks like it’s drunk. EatToast actually sold some of these nightmares in sculpey, but as of writing there are still four of them left on eBay, where they’re being sold for $30 (USD) each. Please someone buy Sadkip already, before it gets any sadder.

[via GoNintendo]