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Homemade Handyduo NES/SNES Portable Looks Like a Real Thing

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 9, 2010

You’ve gotta hand it to the casemodding community. Despite the fact that there are plenty of off-the shelf gadgets that let you play old NES and SNES games, the homebrew portable hits keep on coming.


This time we have Sharon aka “LovableChevy” aka “The Bondo Queen” and her HandyDuo. Her handmade handheld plays original cartridges from both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo.


What I really love about this handheld is the professional look about it. From the smooth lines of the white case to the well-placed buttons, D-pad and speakers, to the decals for the controls, it’s all very put together. Under the hood of the HandyDuo are components of a RetroDuo system with an integrated PSOne screen, and a pair of 4250 mAh batteries to juice it up. While its 2-pound plus heft might be considered a bit more “luggable” than portable, it still weighs less than most netbooks.

You can check out more pics of the HandyDuo over at the Ben Heck Forums, and the full build log is here.

[Thanks for the tip, Sharon!]