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Wanna Get Lucky? Better Buy an iPhone

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Written by Range | August 11, 2010

A new study shows that iPhone users have more sex than other cellphone users. I don’t know what could be a better endorsement than this. I’m just waiting to see the new iPhone sexy ads, “Wanna get laid? Buy an iPhone (and by the way, we just increased the price to $499.)”

iphone cellphone users sex android laid

The data comes from the dating website OkCupid. This first chart is specific to 30-year old cellphone users, while the line graph below it represents nearly 10,000 users from ages 18 to 40. Needless to say that if you’re single, you’d better be toting an iPhone for your best shot at getting some. Or at least a better shot at having more partners. The study didn’t really account for how much sex these people actually had, just the number of people they did it with.

iphone cellphone users sex android laid


Android? What? Robots don’t have sex, get yourself an iPhone. Girls will want to get with you and guys will want to be you (or vice-versa depending on your gender and/or sexual preference).

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