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The Real Reason the White iPhone 4 is Delayed: Underpants Gnomes?

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Written by Range | August 12, 2010

I now know the real reason why the white iPhone 4 has been delayed: it’s either the mythical underpants gnomes from South Park or the teeny weeny white supremacists that have decided to mess with Apple’s production schedule!

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I like Apple products, but there’s nothing that rubs me the wrong way like the debacle of iPhone 4 Antennagate. In my mind, Apple should have recalled the product. How can they sell a product that just drops your calls if you hold it the wrong way?

Well, I guess that I’m not alone in this and this comic by Joy of Tech really made me laugh. Seriously though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the white iPhone never comes out.

[via Geek Culture]