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Stretchy Shapes Rubber Band Bracelets Shaped Like Gadgets

 |  |  |  |  |  August 18, 2010

My daughter has a bunch of these bracelets that she wears around that look like plain rubber bands when she puts them on. When you take them off, they look like all sorts of stuff like animals or food. The idea is that she and her friends can trade them amongst each other. Since I am raising her using the geek rearing method, I have run across some bracelets she has to have.

They’re from a company called Stretchy Shapes and come in a 24-pack. They look like any other toy bracelets when they are on the hand. They are tie-dyed in black and white colors. When they are taken off, the bracelets look like the outlines of various gadgets.

There are mobile phone shapes, tablet shapes, MP3 player shapes, speaker shapes, cameras, and even a laptop shape. The tablet and laptop version are larger than the rest. You can get a package of them for $5.99 (USD), but be warned I have been shot in the eye with these things on a few occasions.