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Sony Mobile Tech to Use One Wire for Power and Data in Phones

 |  |  |  |  August 20, 2010

When it comes to mobile phones that articulate in some way like a flip phone or a slider, the wires inside at the pivot point are much more likely to break or get damaged over time. The more wires there are the more chance of one of them breaking and generally pissing off the user.

Sony has announced new technology called “single wire interface technology” that has only one wire for power and data transmission rather than several of current designs. The technology is expected to make phones more durable and to make designs more flexible.

The new tech uses time division duplex and multiplex to send multiple data types and power with the same cable at a limited signal frequency bandwidth. The tech supports up to 940Mbps data rate and uses 10-80mW of power during transmission and 0.3mW in standby.

Of course, you could just avoid the whole clamshell or slider phone thing and go with a device with no hinges at all.