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USB Packing Ac Outlet Concept is Something All Geeks Need

 |  |  |  |  August 25, 2010

My office is probably drawing more power from the wall outlet than some homes do altogether. I have all manner of gadgets, multiple computers, and other devices plugged into the walls. I long ago ran out of outlets in the office and simply daisy chain new surge protectors when I need to plug something in. I bet some of you do the same thing.

USB ports are as hard to find in my office as outlets with my printer, iPhone, iPad, cameras, and all sort of other gear needing to be plugged in there to charge. I have USB hubs just for my stuff. What I need is this concept wall outlet that combines AC power with a couple USB ports in one handy place.

That would free up some of my USB ports for other stuff and I could pull some of the USB chargers from the wall outlets and get those back too. This is one of those simple concepts that needs to be made right now.

[via Yanko Design]