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Wavebox Portable Microwave: for Lazy Campers

 |  |  |  |  |  August 25, 2010

I’m not much of an outdoors guy, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of campers think that preparing and cooking food is part of the experience. If you’re not in that camp though, you might want to take a look at the WaveBox, a portable microwave oven.

wavebox portable microwave oven

The WaveBox weighs 14lbs, and its cooking cavity measures 10″ (w) x 7″ (d) x 6″ (h), so it should handle most pre-packaged meals without a problem. It has a luggage handle, ABS casing, and rubberized legs. But its most important feature is that the WaveBox can be powered in three ways.

The WaveBox has a detachable AC cord, so you can use it at home just like any other microwave. If you’re outdoors, you have two options – it comes with a 9ft. DC cable that you can clamp directly on to a 12v car or boat battery, and it also has a DC 12v cigarette lighter adapter. The third option though seems to have caused trouble for other users. The WaveBox needs a power outlet with a current of at least 20amps for it to work, and even then it’ll only be good for heating food, and not for cooking. Several people have complained that the outlets in most vehicles only have 15amps. You still have the option of plugging it directly into a 12v battery, but if you’re planning on using your vehicle’s lighter outlet, you should check if its outlet/s are rated at least 20amps.

If you just live without TV dinner and microwave pizza, then get a WaveBox. You can get one at Amazon for $203 (USD). Check out its official website for more info.

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