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Concept Lets You Trade Poop for Power

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 30, 2010

I once knew a dude that had this strange fetish of farting in a ceramic duck that his mom had on the shelf. I once saw him fart in the duck, then turn around and light the fart lingering in the duck so I know you can burn a stinky groupie. With that delightful thought in mind, a guy has shown off a strange design concept with the goal of getting folks in countries with unreliable power the juice they need to run their gadgets and cook those meals.

I couldn’t help but write this story after seeing the picture above and noting that the title of the YouTube video showing how the concept works is called Shitfilm. The person who needs power pushes this round toilet drum around with them for a week at a time and drops a stinky load in it whenever needed. And the person who created the concept needs a spellchecker (Tansporation, anyone?)

Once the drum is full, they take it to the plant where all that filth is turned into power in the form of cooking gas and electricity. I certainly wouldn’t eat anything cooked over a flame created by my neighbor’s turds. You have to see the film below; it’s funny, entertaining, and gross all at the same time.

[via Yanko Design]