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Surface Tension Arcane Arcade Table Rocks Your Living Room

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 7, 2010

Why go with an ordinary coffee table, when you can get one with a complete media center PC and arcade gaming system built-in?


surface tensions’ Arcane arcade table not only looks great, it’s got a hidden Shuttle XPC, and an LCD screen (19″ or 26″) under the table’s toughened glass surface. The system loaded up with over 100 licensed games from Taito, Midway and Atari. Of course, it’s compatible with MAME, so you can run all of your personal favorite arcade classics too. The beautiful handmade table is available in walnut or oak and has a hidden drawer which contains high quality arcade controls including Sanwa joysticks and buttons, and a Happ light-up trackball and spinner.

There’s also a built-in sound system, with stereo 30-watt speakers. They’re also offering an optional Sonos Zoneplayer, so the table can be used as a music playback station from a Sonos base station. Of course, if you’ve got the computer inside the table turned on, you can just use Windows Media Center, iTunes or the music manager of your choice to play tunes or movies.

The Arcane arcade table starts at a rather pricey £3299 (appx. $5061 USD), but you can shave off a little more than $1000 if you BYOPC and software. Full specs are available here.