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Bottle Cap Princess Peach: the Princess Gets Recycled

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 16, 2010

Got 980 spare plastic soda bottle caps lying around? Why not do what this guy did and create some retro game art with ’em?


Over a period of 6 months, Instructables member skeplin gathered up a whole crapload of caps and made himself a giant Princess Peach mosaic with all of them. By taking each cap and handpainting it with one of 16 colors, then arranging them into a 28×35 grid, he created this pixelated masterwork to hang on his wall. He used a little bit of Perl and ImageMagick to figure out the colors from Peach’s original image, then used that data to build his pixel map. But why talk about it, when you can see how he did it?

After you’ve watched the video, learn exactly how you can make one for yourself over at Instructables.

[via Unplggd]