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Brother Video Glasses Beam Images Right Onto Your Retina

 |  |  |  |  September 17, 2010

I have never traveled anywhere and ran across anyone actually using video glasses in public. I think this is mostly due to the fact that the average video glasses today suck and you look like a complete ass clown wearing them. The idea behind video glasses is cool, but the tech has a long way to go before lots of folks use them.

Brother has unveiled a new set of video glasses called the AirScouter that fix one of the major issues with video glasses, the blocking of your vision. The AirScouter uses a normal looking set of clear safety glasses with a projector mounted on the side.

That little projector shoots the images right into your eye, directly on the retina. That makes my eye hurt just thinking about it. The image produced appears the size of a 16-inch monitor viewed from three feet away says Brother. For the immediate future, the glasses will be offered for industrial uses in Japan, and there’s no word on how good the images really look.

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