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Machined iPhone 4 Case: +10 to Defense and Style, Resistance to Dropped Calls

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 20, 2010

Aside from a seeming love for the letter ‘k’, Karas Kustoms also makes sweet-looking cases for the iPhone 4. Thsi metal case gives the phone an even more industrial look than it has when it ships from Apple.

karas kustoms iphone 4 case

Desipte its looks, the case only weighs 24 grams so it shouldn’t make your phone unbearably heavy. And if you ever get into a fight, say you drop your iPhone 4 in a bar and some blog keeps it, I bet the edges of the case can deal significant damage to faces. The raised edges also lower the risk of experiencing the dropped call problem because it prevents your skin from coming into contact with the edge of the iPhone.

karas kustoms iphone 4 case 2

You can order the unnamed yet awesome iPhone 4 case at Karas Kustoms’ website. It’s $39 (USD) for US residents, and $49 for the rest of the planet. The case also comes in a variety of colors if plain old steel ain’t your thing. For those with DIY skills who are already pshawing “$39?! Pshaw! I ‘ll make you five for $5 and a hug! I just need the instructions please, thx” Karas Kustoms also has a general step-by-step guide, complete with pictures.

[via Gearfuse]