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Order in Chaos Clock is Chaotic

 |  |  |  |  |  September 27, 2010

We see plenty of crazy wristwatches that surface from Tokyoflash and other makers of timepieces. We don’t see too many wall clocks with a crazy designs though. This clock is dubbed the Order in Chaos clock by the designer, and as you can see, the numbers look very chaotic.

In fact, they are so chaotic that the designer has put together a time-lapse demo to help you see how the thing works and a quiz to teach you to tell time. I hate quizzes. The clock in the photos above is at 12:10. The hour is the number on the face that is the most legible at the time.

The catch to that is that several of the numbers look illegible even when they are supposed to be the hour of the day. That lone hand in the center is the minute hand and it points to the minutes for you.

You can get your own for $2,000. For a fraction of that cost, I will beat the bejeebus out of your wall clock for you and you can just pretend like it’s a work of art.