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Tulipk Lamp Printed in 3d, Designed in Microsoft Excel

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 6, 2010

While this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve seen a lamp designed on a computer, it’s definitely the first one I’ve seen where the primary design tool was Microsoft Excel.


Ben Geebelen used Excel to create the pattern on his TulipK lamp, then used software called 3-matic and output it to a 3D printer to generate the tulip petals. Each of the six petals is connected to a mechanism which allows the shade to be opened and closed around the bulb, providing a sort of analog dimming mechanism.


The Excel spreadsheet provided the locations for each of the 2374 precisely placed holes in each of the petals, then created a 3D STL file for generating the actual printed petals which were output using selective laser sintering.


It’s the best use of a spreadsheet since Excel Pac-Man and Missile Command.

[via i.materialize]