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Creative Mom + Milk Jugs = Stormtrooper Mask of Awesome

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Written by Shane McGlaun | October 11, 2010

I don’t’ spend much time looking at trash around my house thinking about ways I can reuse the stuff. I mostly just worry about the bag of trash leaking a line of milk or Dr. Pepper on the floor as I sprint to the door to take the bag to the can outside. Some folks look at garbage and see something more.

stormtrooper milk jug 1

I would have never thought about a Stormtrooper helmet from looking at a milk jug, but one girly geek has done just that. She takes a milk jug, cuts it into three pieces, and then glued the pieces together into a creation that looks like a very authentic Storm Trooper helmet.

stormtrooper milk jug 2

The milk jugs were painted white and then the detail work was painted on by hand. The mask is sized to fit a child, and with Halloween coming up this could make for a fantastic family project that your kid can wear for trick-or-treating.

stormtrooper milk jug 3

This lady is the coolest mom ever and has some of the nicest jugs I’ve seen, if I do say so.