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F’Ing Epic Cardboard Cubicle Prank Proves These Guys Don’t have Enough to Do

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Written by Shane McGlaun | October 12, 2010

Back when I had a real job I worked in a hospital on the night shift and we got really, really bored. We used to play pranks on each other than involved being dusted with baby powder if you fell asleep or shocked with a muscle stimulator. I was proud when I conned someone into answering a phone that had an earpiece coated in KY.

The people that pranked a dude named Leif make my shenanigans look pitiful by comparison. The epic nature of the prank makes me wonder if the people who made the cardboard office for Leif actually did any work while he was gone or just spent all their time cutting cardboard.

While Leif was on vacation, his coworkers took everything from his office and replaced them with cardboard versions. Everything includes the desk, computers, books, food, and all. I would just keep all that cardboard stuff, it has to be cooler than the real items they replaced. Check out the video to see how epic the gag really was…

[via TechEBlog]