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Can Grandma’S Scooter Can Hit 69mph?

 |  |  |  |  |  October 15, 2010

I am sure that we have all been out and about at one time or another and ran across someone that had to ride one of those scooters to get around for some reason. Those things can be painfully slow when you are walking behind one trying to shop. A geeky plumber in Stamford, Lincolnshire has built what may be the world’s fastest mobility scooter and you don’t have to wait on it.

This dude took a scooter just like grandma would need, and put a gas-powered engine on it rather than batteries and electric motors. Once he was done modding the thing, it was able to hit speeds as high as 69mph in testing.

The Guinness World Records folks say the record is 61.4 mph, and he will make the book if the scooter beats that. This thing would be all kinds of fun to ride. The new gas motor came from a motorcycle.