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Minecraft Meets Portal

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 17, 2010

I honestly haven’t had time to pick up Minecraft and play with it yet, but after seeing this video of yet another creative use for the game, I think I might have to find the time.


Minecraft modder copyboy managed to figure out a way to recreate the walking-through-walls experience of Portal inside the game’s retro-style graphics engine. All you need to do to create a portal is to pick either an orange or blue texture, then destroy that wall to make it into one.

Here’s another video of a Minecraft Portal server with a couple of players blasting through walls and pushing around some weighted companion cubes.


Sure, it doesn’t look as pretty as the real version, but that’s part of the charm of Minecraft, right? Read more about Minecraft Portal over on the Minecraft forums.

[via PC Gamer via I Heart Chaos (site NSFW)]