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Make Your Own Bio-Diesel in a Pretty Container

 |  |  |  |  |  October 19, 2010

If you own a vehicle that runs on diesel fuel, you may have thought how cool it would be to make your own fuel at home using bio-diesel production methods. There are contraptions that you can buy for your home today that will make bio-diesel for you, but they look like moonshine stills and aren’t something you would really want around the house.


A designer named Ben Guthrie has come up with a concept bio-diesel production device that hides all the wires and cables the process needs inside a slick looking cabinet. The concept has a door on the top that the user would pour raw ingredients into and then the system goes to work in an automated process to make fuel.

The byproduct from the process is glycerin that can be made into soap or thrown away. The only thing the concept would need to operate is an electrical source, material to make into fuel, and a water line.

[via Yanko Design]