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Mitsubishi to Offer Virtual Test Drive, Misses Point of Test Driving

 |  |  |  |  |  October 21, 2010

This is the Outlander Sport. Like most new cars, you can view pictures and videos of it online. But unlike any car, you can also “test drive” it… using a computer. Sign up for Mitsubishi’s Live Drive and you’ll be given a limited time to control an actual unit via the Internet. Because that’s how people drive cars – using a keyboard, mouse and a monitor, right?

mitsubishi outlander sport

Mitsubishi have hired a team to outfit one Outlander Sport with cameras and machines, allowing it to be remotely-controlled. It’s like RACER, except it’s an actual car! I guess that makes it legit. I wonder what will happen if the first one in line wrecks the car.

I’m pretty sure this is more of a publicity stunt than a serious endeavor, but I still can’t get over how absurd it is. I hope it has support for steering wheel peripherals. You can sign-up for the Live Drive at the official Outlander Sport website.

[via PopSci]