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Nail Hammer Holds Your Nails, Saves Your Teeth

 |  |  |  |  October 23, 2010

I have a few hammers around the house for different things. One came in a cheap tool kit my wife bought in pink so I wouldn’t use her tools on my car and get them greasy. I also have a big red hammer that I snuck out of my mom’s house over a decade ago when I moved out. A hammer tends to last.

I would consider upgrading to a new hammer though if they would build this concept Nail Hammer. The thing works like your basic hammer in that you can bash things with it. It has a handle with a slide up door that hides a silicone section you can stick your nails in rather than holding them in your teeth.

If they could make the thing load itself automatically from a cartridge so you didn’t have to risk a finger to hammer in a nail that would be ever better. I like tool gadgets like this. I would be able to find both my hammer and my nails with this thing rather than one or the other like I usually end up with.