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The Case for Kindle 3 Turns Your Ebook Into a Real Book

 |  |  |  |  October 25, 2010

It used to be if you liked to read a lot you ended up needing a bookshelf to show off all your fancy books. Today you can have one gadget like an iPad or a Kindle with an entire library of books on the thing. If you want your fancy eReader like the new Kindle 3 to look like a book, Pad & Quill has the case for you. It’s called simply: The Case.

The Case has a carved wooden base that holds the Kindle and has cut outs to allow all the controls to be accessed. It also appears to have some felt in certain spots to prevent scratches. That wooden holder for the reader is then bound like a real book with a leather cover.

Inside the leather cover is red paper to complete the book look. The Case for Kindle 3 even has a red ribbon bookmark to complete the look and a moleskin strap to keep the case shut. If you like the style you can order one up for $44.99(USD) and it’s set to ship in the next few weeks.