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Iseeu Adds Front-Facing Camera to iPhone 3gs, Sorta.

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Written by Shane McGlaun | October 26, 2010

If the only thing you are jealous that the iPhone 4 has that your iPhone 3GS lacks is a front facing camera, a company called iSeeU has a new accessory that you will love. The thing turns your rear-facing camera into a front camera using smoke and mirrors.


Well, it actually only uses mirrors. It is a small clip that has a mirror that shoots the users reflection to the rear-facing camera so you can have video chats. The downside is the thing looks really geeky.

This reminds me of those mirror periscopes I used to build when I was a kid. It’s not exactly cheap considering it’s a plastic clip and some mirrors for $24.95. It was supposed to launch early this month, which has come and gone now.