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The Mother of All Earthbound Costumes

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 28, 2010

Despite being one of the few RPG heroes who dress normally, Ness’ costume is apparently not that easy to copy. So say the folks at Fangamer, who after being frustrated for so long about the lack of an authentic-looking Ness costume – i.e. a striped shirt and a baseball hat – have decided to go make their own. And here it is!

fangamer awesomeness erathbound pack

The Awesomeness combo pack has all you need to become the hero of Mother 2 aka EarthBound – Shirtness, Hatness and Yoyoness PK Yomega.

Fangamer is selling the Awesomeness combo for $40-$56 (USD). Unfortunately, as of this writing the Awesomeness combo is sold out, or rather Shirtness is sold out. Fangamer will re-stock, but I’m not sure if they’ll have some before the weekend. You can buy Hatness ($16) and PK Yomega ($17) separately though, and then just check back later for the shirt. Because Halloween or not, this costume is a must-buy.