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Haloipt Shows Off Tech That Can Charge Electric Cars Without Wires

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 3, 2010

I am forgetful when it comes to car maintenance. If my car didn’t ding to tell me when I had 50 miles of driving range left on a tank of gas, I would know the roadside assistance dude by name. I know without a doubt if I had an electric car I would forget to plug it in at least twice a week.

I bet that there are lots of you out there who would forget to plug in too. A company called HaloIPT has announced an induction-based system it is developing that will be able to charge an EV without needing wires.

The thing has a pad on the floor of your garage and a pad under the car. All you have to do is park and the power will stream wirelessly over a gap of up to 400mm. I wonder how accurate your parking has to be, my wife can’t get any closer than a foot to the same spot in the garage each day. It could be a problem for her and others with similar parking skills, if you need to be dead on for it to work.

The HaloIPT system should will be ready for demos in the real world by 2012.