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Clean Bottle Makes It Easy To… You Know… Clean

 |  |  |  |  |  November 4, 2010

I hate cleaning stuff. I generally wait until there is enough toothpaste caked on my sink that I can’t lean over it without getting dirty. I also hate doing dishes and once went two weeks eating from napkins and paper towels to avoid dishes. What I really hate is cleaning out the water bottles that I take to the gym.

If you have ever tried to mix a protein drink you know that it’s impossible this side of one of those paint can shakers to get all the powder to dissolve. That undissolved powder settles into the side of the water bottle where it forms the hardest substance known to man. The only sure fire way to clean that stuff is to let the bottle soak for a millennia until the dried goo succumbs to water erosion, or you can scrub really hard. I prefer the soaking method.

A company has a new geeky bottle that reminds me of the bottles my kids drank out of when they were infants. The bottle is called the Clean Bottle and has a top and a bottom that unscrews. The removable bottom means you can actually clean the bottom with minimal effort. All water bottles should be like this. Each bottle holds 22 ounces of liquid and costs $9.95 (USD) each. That’s not cheap for a water bottle, but if you hate to scrub it’s worth it.