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Incredible Halo Costumes by Shawn Thorsson: Wish I Had One for Halloween

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Written by Range | November 5, 2010

After wowing us with his homemade Predator costume, Shawn Thorsson does it again, this time with great-looking Halo Master Chief costumes. Shawn wasn’t content to just make one though. He made a whole squad, which look like the Red vs Blue Master Chief costume, except in all the colors of the rainbow.

halo red vs blue video games master chief shawn thorsson

If you’re wondering, it took him about 3 years to finish them. Wow, that’s completely insane. My last Halloween costume was a cheapo affair that I bought a few years ago. Papercraft versions of the costume were printed out and painstakingly detailed. Once this was done, a mold was created and then a cast was made out of urethane resin.

halo red vs blue video games master chief shawn thorsson

The helmets include LED lights, padding, and cooling fans! The costumes are hard to strap on, but the look is definitely awesome, and well worth the effort.

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