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Daredevil Jumps From Hot Air Balloon Wearing Rocket Wing, Flies Loops

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Written by Shane McGlaun | November 8, 2010

I can trace my lust for a personal jet pack back to a single specific event from my youth. The episode of Fall Guy where Lee Majors used a jet pack really got my attention. Since I saw that show, I have wanted one and I honestly expected by the time I was this old, we would all have them.

A dude named Yves Rossy has made his jet pack dreams come true, but it’s not like most of the jet packs we see. The Jet Man has a quartet of nozzles fastened to a wing strapped to his back. He flies around hands in front Superman style. You can see how bad-ass his suit is in the video below.

The dude jumped from a hot air balloon at 7,874 feet recently in Switzerland over Lake Geneva. After firing up his jet engines, he proceeded to do a couple loops marking the first time he has done aerobatics. After he runs out of fuel he pulls a parachute and floats down. If the folks at the TV studios ever get wise and bring Fall Guy back, they should use this thing in an episode.

[via KOMOnews]