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Bottoms Up Watch Makes Sure You’Re Always Ready for Happy Hour

 |  |  |  |  |  November 10, 2010

The Boy Scouts had it right with their motto about always being prepared. However, you don’t always want people to know that you’re prepared for certain situations.


Unless you’re someone that drinks a lot and doesn’t care who knows it, you might not want to carry a bottle opener on your keychain. After all, nothing says “I love booze” like a bottle opener keychain with some witty saying about only drinking in days that end in “y”. So how do you stay prepared for a drinking situation while still staying classy? Apparently with a $150 Bottoms Up watch.Happy Hour Timepieces has announced a new watch that not only looks stylish, but has a bottle opener buckle built into the strap. It’s so subtle that almost no one would ever know that it wasn’t your average ordinary (non-bottle-opening) watch. It sports other features like a brushed stainless steel design, a calf leather strap and being water resistant to 5 ATM.

You can pre-order the watch now for $100, or wait until after it goes on sale later in the month and pay an extra $50. The only thing you have to ask yourself now is which is worse, carrying a $5 bottle opener on a keychain, or a $150 bottle opener that tells time to mask its real use.

[via inStash]