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Fps Trainer: if You Really Really Really… Really Want to be Good at Fps Games

 |  |  |  |  |  November 10, 2010

Back in the old days, I used to be a mediocre Counter-Strike player. I could like, take down a bunch of enemies before I myself was taken down. Sometimes I took down two in a 5-on-5 match; on a good day, I could kill two enemies and make it to the end of the round. My mediocrity was that awesome. Now I just suck. But I’m sure that if I wanted to get into CS again, or be good at another shooter, all I have to do is play that game right? Which is why FPS Trainer boggles the hell out of my mind.

fps trainer

As its name implies, FPS Trainer is a new company that claims that they can help people excel in FPS games. Their words: “The objective of the game is for players to rapidly improve their FPS skills based on sound training principles, in order to become more competitive at any online multiplayer FPS, such as Quake Live, Halo and Call of Duty. Skills will be directly transferable from our game to other FPS’s.”

So I guess if FPS Trainer really does have expert tips, then users may be able to progress significantly faster than if they just practiced on their own. I personally would never pay to be taught how to play a video game, but whatever floats your boat.

If FPS Trainer does take off, here’s what we should do next: Since FPS Trainer is also an FPS game, we should stay a step ahead of everyone and make… FPS Trainer Trainer. I provided the idea so you guys pony up the cash and figure out all the other stuff. Deal? No? Dammit. Check out FPS Trainer then reconsider my offer.

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