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Thinkgeek Synthesizer Shirt: if Keyboard Cat Wore Shirts He’D have One

 |  |  |  |  |  November 12, 2010

The geeks over at ThinkGeek have added a new shirt to their collection of shirts that you can use to create your own band. They already have a guitar shirt and a drum shirt and now you can add this synthesizer shirt to the line to complete your 80’s T-shirt tribute band.

The new shirt is up for pre-order right now and will come in S-XXL for prices running from $29.99 to $32.98 (USD). The keyboard on the shirt can play up to five different sounds and up to eight keys can be pressed at one time.

The sound actually comes from a little amplifier that hands on your belt loop. Of course, the electronics have to be removed to wash this thing. ThinkGeek says that you will get your shirt by November 30 if you order today.