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Lightscoop Improves Dslr Flash Photos

 |  |  |  |  |  November 16, 2010

I bought a dSLR camera years ago because I was tired of getting photos of just an arm when I tried to snap my kids because my point and shoot was too slow. I also wanted to be able to get pics that were exposed well, even if it was dark. What I didn’t realize about exposing the pics at the time was that I was incapable of holding the camera still enough to not get a blurry pic in the dark using manual mode.

While this gadget might not solve for my lack of a tripod, it may help if you have a kid or whiny significant other that hates to be blinded by the camera flash. Lightscoop makes sure you get a nice, even light from your flash by bouncing it off the ceiling or a wall instead of directly into your subjects’ eyeballs. It also helps reduce red-eye and other unnatural things that happen when you aim a flash directly at a face. The thing is simply a  mirrored hood that sits over the top of the flash on your Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, Olympus, or Sony dSLR camera. Sony cameras have a specific version of the Light scoop and the other cams all use a universal version.

A single version of the thing in standard or a slightly pink-hued “warming” version sells for $29.95 (USD) or you can get both for $49.95.