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Iblackboard: Cover Your iPhone With Chalk Dust, Just in Case Fingerprints Weren’t Enough

 |  |  |  |  |  November 17, 2010

On occasion, I see a product and I just stand back and say “WTF?!?!” This is one of those moments. A very weird case for the iPhone has surfaced from Kalomix called the iBlackBoard. The case slides on your iPhone like any other case you might use. The outside if the case is coated in chalkboard material so you can draw on it with chalk.

I can’t imagine a bigger pile of fail than getting my iPhone all caked with chalk dust. This stuff makes you sneeze and is really annoying when it gets on your hands.

This thing even fails on its basic premise. What is the point of being able to write down notes on the back of your iPhone when you have an endless digital notepad inside the iPhone itself? That’s like carrying a paper day planner to hold your iPhone.

[via Gadget Review]