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Tiktok and Lunatik Nano Watch Bands Are the Coolest

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Written by Shane McGlaun | November 18, 2010

Bands that turn a new iPod nano 6G into a watch are getting to be very common. It seems like every time I turn around a new one is on the market. A guy is looking to bring a couple more to market over on KickStarter and his are so much cooler than any of the other bands I have seen.

The project is by a dude named Scott Wilson and they are epic. The bands are called the TikTok and Lunatik multi-touch Watch Kits. The bands are made from premium materials with the Tiktok using a snap in design where you just sit the iPod nano into the face of the band. It looks like a digital watch more than any other nano case like this I have seen. All the controls and ports are left uncovered.

The LunaTik is more complex and is a conversion kit that encloses the nano inside the band where it’s not easily removed. It is mostly for the user that wants to make their nano into a watch permanently. It’s made from machined aluminum with straps made from silicon rubber. It will be offered in red and the plain silver designs. It seems that ScottĀ  has raised enough money for the project to move on so we should see this hit the market in the near future.

See more details over on Kickstarter.