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Crystalroc Bedazzles Your Galaxy Tab, Doesn’T Make the Tab Any More Interesting

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Written by Range | December 6, 2010

For a mere £999 (appx. $1,566 USD) you can purchase this bedazzled Samsung Galaxy Tab from Crystalroc. Crystalroc specializes in this kind of thing, kind of what Colorware does for colored gadgets, they do with crystals. Yes, I think that they’re both ridiculously expensive.

bedazzled crystalroc samsung galaxy tab

While it’s good that more and more tablets are appearing on the market, these smaller 7-inch tablets aren’t my favorites. I’d rather have a 10-inch iPad or something larger. Once the iPad 2 comes out with cameras, I think it’ll make more sense to get one of those. It’s true that the Galaxy Tab is small enough to hide away in a big pocket, but how about that iPhone you got in the other pocket?

bedazzled crystalroc samsung galaxy tab

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there is a limit on how many gadgets you need to carry with you. Between the smartphone, iPad, netbook, laptop and desktop, you only need so many devices that essentially do the same thing.

[via Leet Lady]