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Geek Hides Printed Time Capsule on Back of Light Switch Plate

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 6, 2010

My wife says I am too picky when it comes time to buy things. I am not a fan of used anything. We bought a new house, new cars, I’d rather buy new clothes than anything hand me down or borrowed. My thing is you never know what someone did in whatever used stuff you buy. People are disgusting. Until a few years, back we rented and I tried to not think about disgusting things people could have done in the places we lived.

I sure would feel strange if I pulled a plate off a light fixture in my house and found a printed time capsule on the back. One geek has typed up a short page about his life and the house he was moving out of and then left it behind as a sort of time capsule. That’s weird to me and honestly I don’t want to know that you lived somewhere before me.

The DIY project would be easy enough to pull off if you are so inclined to leave something behind for someone else to find in the distant future. The only cool thing I ever found in a house we moved into was some Christmas decorations left in the attic.

That last little bit about beware of the ghost is just plain mean, though.

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