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IPhone 4 History Edition has T-Rex Tooth Particles. No Seriously.

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 8, 2010

The Hughes (Hugheses?) have done it again. Famous for turning gadgets into jewelery-laden objects of pure sin, their latest creation is even more exotic and will surely have millionaires queue up for an order. Designed by Stuart Hughes and crafted by his wife Katrina, the iPhone 4 History Edition is filled with platinum and diamonds, but the main attraction here is found in the rear cover, which is made of meteoric stone and a 65-million year old T-Rex tooth. I don’t know whether to hate or applaud this couple.

stuart hughes iphone 4 history edition

Stuart says he wanted something “fierce”, and there’s not a lot of things that symbolize that more than a T-Rex tooth, so they got a dino tooth and some space rock (I assume it’s as simple as that for a high roller) and rubbed the two together until the tooth was finely ground. Unfortunately we can’t really see any evidence of the dinosaur tooth in the finished product. Fortunately, I can’t afford this thing, so there’s no chance of me being duped.

stuart hughes iphone 4 history edition 2

Moneyed peoples, you know what to do – place your dainty fingers onto your keyboards and saunter onto Stuart Hughes’ website. The price, you say? Surely you jest! Oh I get it, you desire for the mandibles of your peons to promptly plummet to their unkempt floors. It’s £39,995 (approx. $62, 760 USD). Which is approximately… zero in rich man’s dollars. Still, you’d best hurry, because only ten of these will be made. T-Rex teeth don’t grow on trees.

[via Dvice]